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When you earn compensation with our company every dollar can also be taxable. So make sure you keep all receipts to write off your expenses.

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Hello, we are TBRT Business Magazine, an up and coming publication serving the community of Michigan and the surrounding areas. Established in 2019, TBRT Business Magazine is here to server the community by connecting black business owners together as one network. Not only do we feature local businesses, we also feature other entrepreneurs that are trying to make a difference in the community.

We are currently looking for companies that are interested in advertising with us, for our new issue, scheduled to be released December 1, 2019. TRBT Business magazine will be a bi-monthly publication distributed regional in the midwest area.

Our advertising packages are very affordable, and we have packages that are suitable for any kind of business, whether you’re a new business just starting out of you are a seasoned veteran, we strongly believe that there will be a package specifically for you.


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TRBT offers our members a new program that will help our members earn money with our We Help You Build Program. Learn more from your rep.

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Annual Report: From 2017 to 2019 the growth rate grew +2.40%

Our exclusive Directory host many businesses that will help you with products and services that you use daily while circulating the black dollar back into our community. We also reward you for signing up others.

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Victor Render Manager

The Real Business Team was created with the vision of helping Black Business owners find the tools and resources to become successful in business. We work as a team and we help rebuild communities.

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Donele Bailey Ceo