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Welcome to our Church Section

Below is information on how you can raise money for your Church Organization.
Feel free to review the information so that your organization can start accepting donations.


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Let the Church say AMEN!

Finally, a church fundraiser that is perpetual, which also helps the church members make money. When your church joins the Aspire business network, they will be advertised in our church directory. Church members, and others can donate directly to the church through our website.

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The Donation Process

When you sign-up to become an affiliate member of Aspire, 50% of the membership fee will go directly to your church. You will then be able to sign-up other church members to become affiliates. The members will earn 50% for every member they sign-up and 10% of the membership fee will go directly to your church.
Or, as a donation, you can sign-up a member of your church, who may be in need of a job, and for $39.99, they will become an affiliate. Your church will receive $19.99 per member and the members of your church could also earn $19.99 for every member they sign-up. To top it off, every time your church member signs up a member, 10% of the membership fee will go back to the church as a donation. You bless your church, your church member now has a job, and the church continues to receive donations through sign-ups and overrides.

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Let’s look at an example.

Below is an example of how your church can receive donations with our program:
Example: A church has 100 members. The church joins the directory membership for $39.99. If every church member becomes an affiliate, the church will have earned $1999. If all 100 of those members sign-up 5 people each, the church would earn an additional $1999 and the church members would have earned $9995. Let the church say Amen!
Aspire Biz 2 Biz was founded by Pastor Roderick Revels, to be a blessing to churches, non-profits, organizations, businesses, professionals, and people looking for a low cost way to earn money. A vision given, a vision shared.

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Search for a Church now!


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What they’re saying about us!

Here are what some of the churches are saying about us:


[wt_testimonial image=”3329″ css_animation=”fadeInLeft” alignment=”center” name=”Randy Bell” link=”||” img_size=”full” name_link=”||”]Aspire really helped our organization raise the funds we needed to fulfill our goals.  Each of our members donated to our church just by becoming a member with Aspire. Praise God for the blessing.[/wt_testimonial]
[wt_testimonial image=”3332″ css_animation=”fadeInRight” alignment=”center” name=”Sarah Clarkston” link=”||” img_size=”full” name_link=”||”]I’m a member of a church and after I signed up I shared my affiliate link with a few family members. I later found out from my church that when my family signed up, the church also received a donation. Thanks Aspire![/wt_testimonial]

Make a Donation Today!

Start by clicking on your Organization’s Affiliate Link so that your favorite organization is credited.
Then click on a contribution below. How much would you like to donate?


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